Impact of weight on gearing-
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    Impact of weight on gearing

    I'm a SS nub riding a 28 pound Haro Mary. It's currently 34x20 which seems perfect in the two rides I've had. I just ordered a set of Dave Thomas wheels which will save about 2.5 pounds (including savings from tubeless). The Am. Classic hub comes with a 19T rear cog. I'm thinking the 34x19 may 'feel' easier to pedal due to the significant weight savings. I know weight doesn't have an affect on actual gearing just curious your thoughts on how weight impacts the feel of how a bike is geared.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I have a Haro Mary. Stock wheels - 32 x 20 seemed like a strong push. Lighter wheels - 32 x 18 climbed much better.

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    The lighter wheels wil accelerate a little faster and it might feel a bit easier to move the bike around on technical stuff but on a long climb at a more or less constant pace I don't think that you'll notice the difference (in my experience at least).
    Say (like me) you weigh 150 pounds and your bike another 25 - a couple of pounds off that 175 is neither here or there as far as gearing goes (again, IMHO).

    Having said that, a nice light pair of wheels always makes a bike nicer to ride, but how much of that is all in the head and how much is physics I've never really spent time working out.
    It's all good anyway !

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    Pushing a 38X20 on my Industry 9/ 355 wheel set is a little easier than on my Hope/Arch straight gauge wheel. So yep, lighter wheels definitely help, but I'm not sure that it's a tooth on the cog worth of difference.
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    Lighter wheels definitely make a difference, but IMHO tyre profile is more significant.

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