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    Immer diese Radfahrer - Commuting Report from Germany

    Hey guys, as commuting is a great way to make your friends say wow I decided to do that and to tell everybody

    I`m from Bavaria, Germany, I live in a town called Amberg, near Grafenwöhr ( some might know that name as it is the biggest Army base in Europe ) and I own a small older gas station in a town called Nabburg, which is about 30 km away from my hometown...

    As I`m a real soft guy in Winter there is no chance to do that way by bike, but as it is now warmer in the ealry morning hours I said to myself, come on, get your ass on your bike, you can be more fit and have more time for the family...

    There is one more thing, my work starts at 7 am and with 35 km to go I have to start 2 hours before start working, so I had to get up at 4.40 am...

    Sundays I have to start at 9 am, so I have a little more time... ;-))

    I didn`t even know that these early hours are numbered all...

    I did that way by bike now for 8 times in 3 weeks and even I could have done it more often I`m a little proud of me...

    Today I had my Foto with me and made some pictures and I wanted to show you...

    I do these rides with my Spot Cross-bike, I have 40:19 on it right now but want to move up to 42 or 44:19...

    So I can still climb my small hills but be faster on the street...

    So, here are the pics, enjoy...

    Car or Bike ?

    Oh btw, the first german words in the headlin mean: Always the bikes and are by a famous older comedian named Heinz Erhardt, who was very popular in the 40s and 50s and did a lot of movies about the small war between bikers and car drivers...
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    Great photos and write up! Thanks for sharing.

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    Great pics, looks like you have a fun ride there

    sorta' ironic that you bike to work in order to sell gasoline though
    Error....error....logical paradox <head explodes>

    i've been seeing a lot of these bars on SS photos here;

    where do you get them, are they simply stretched out ramshorn/drop bars? if they're streched out drop bars, how difficult are they to bend out, i think they'd look good on my commuter....
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    Peter, those are Cheerios

    Gears, we don't need no steenking gears!

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    Thanks, the Moustache is a great Bar, but I will change it soon, because it could be a bit wider for the heavy mountains to help you push your singlespeeder and as I`m a fatboy ( 120 kilos but falling ;-) ) there is a little too much flex, not that I`d be afraid, but I will mount an On One Mary Bar because I`ll change the Avid Shortys as well...

    The negative rise ( sorry, don`t know the correct word ) is only few cm, not really like THE Drop bar...

    You can get the Moustache made by Nitto easily at Rivendell Online Store, but the On One Mungo is the same by 98%, so if On One is easier to buy go for those...

    The Service at On One is neqar perfect, I did order some bars on Wednesday, on Friday they were at my home...

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    Love the Bavarian countryside

    Great photos! I lived in Garmisch-Partenkirchen for a few years and really miss the gravel trekking trails that seem to run between every little village. If only I could commute in Oregon without having to worry about traffic!

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    Wow, that is one dream commute route! I've done similar distances once in a while as well, wish I had such nice scenery.
    You rock for taking the bike at such hours!

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    Servus, too...

    Thanks guys, you know, I have 3 girls at home, one is 5 months, one is 4 and one is 34 and I really want to have as much time as possible, but I just don`t want to ride, too, and not only that I want to loose some weight and love riding I really need my time on my bike to be able to have my mind cleared, if you know what I mean, my english is too bad to explain in thr right words...

    If you run your own business there are always smaller and bigger problems, and with a gas station only closed from 11 pm to 7 am 7 days a week there is alway anything...

    I won`t be able to do that every day, because to get up at 4.30 in the morning is no fun and I`d be tired the rest of the day but I really want and will do it 3 or 4 times a week...

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    Nice ..

    Thank you for the photos.

    It is inevitable ...

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