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    I once was jrunk, but now I'm found...

    Place has gone to shit, I say. Good thing I dumped that pork laden fs.. what was I thinkin'. Anyhoo, what's the best tensioning device currently on the market? Should I match my cog & spacer rings?

    ps. Does sParty still miss uMartha? Will Pnut ever return? Is it uncool to post pics of my HBC drivetrain? ****, I'm outta the loop.

    **** off, I've an IPA that makes salty porcupines quiver in fear.

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    Well said

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    i think the regulars either got old, busy with work or family, drunk or in jail.
    everything sucks but my vacuum cleaner.

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    I may not be qualified to speak...but if I may...

    I'm heading back into bikes from skateboarding, which I did from 1975 'til about 1991...then I got into Mountain bikes (cause obviously skateboards were for kids). I rode bikes fairly hardcore (oxymoron?) until 1997 (when my first kid was born...and the internet became widely available). So while I couldn't go off on multi-hour bike rides...I started looking online back at skating, found a bunch of other "old" guys that were still into skating...and started skating again. That went real well up until this past year or so...concrete and 47 year old flesh don't always agree...but I still need "speed" and fun.

    During that time I got involved in a few skate related boards similar to this. It all goes in (excuse the pun) cycles. The "cool guys/bros" are there for a while, get otherwise occupied and move on...then there's a new wave of newbs/geeks (guess that's me here, now) that pop up and annoy the "middle ground" of folks...and essentially it all keeps rolling. Someone will lament the passing of some guru that used to be here, somebody that was on a lower tier will step up, some new guy will get cool status...in a year or so it will all happen again.

    Again..accepting my rookie status..just throwing that opinion out there...and thanks for the bike porn.
    I'm having more FUN than anybody!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishcreek View Post
    i think the regulars either got old, busy with work or family, drunk or in jail.
    Well I'm certainly old, I have recently been pretty busy and I have been drunk many times over the last 40 plus years - and in jail once, now you mention it.
    And in a couple of weeks I'm pissing off to Greece for a couple of months for some riding, some beers, plenty of sun, a few ouzos..........
    I'll probably still check in on here from time to time though , even though I'm not really a regular.....

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    Wait...you have to be an older member to be busy/drunk/in jail? Where was that when i signed up? That being said where would the young guys like me be without the awesome old guys pushing us? I mean it was a 71 year old man that laughed when i ordered my beer poured it out and ordered me a guinness. Wise man wise man.

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    Mmmm, IPA.

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    Searching for the perfect doughnut

    I once was jrunk, but now I'm found...-293884_428313143899547_801545884_n.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by CB2 View Post
    Searching for the perfect doughnut
    More worthwhile than road-tripping to the nearest IMBA "epic," IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosCelt View Post
    Wait...you have to be an older member to be busy/drunk/in jail?
    I haven't been drunk or in jail since I was a young guy.
    Chasing bears through the woods drunk with a dull hatchet is strongly not advised

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    SS is no longer the new black.
    Zip ties? Not on my bike!

    650B rims or wheel set. 80's vintage 32 or 36 x 135mm

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    Fatbikes are the new SS.

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    SS Fatbike = implosion of time space continuum???

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianick View Post
    Fatbikes are the new SS.
    Tis true.
    Responds to gravity

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