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    I gave in.

    This spring I purchased my first rigid ss, a crave sl, and did very little to it. I road it for several 100 miles before I went back to riding one of my 3 other mtn bikes. Now the season is turning so i usually put up my two sus bikes and ride my fat and hardtail. So since I sold my geared HT, I purchased a sus fork for my rigid ss. I want get said fork until Friday so it is still a rigid. I also ordered a set of carbon traverse fattie wheels so I should end up gaining about 2 lbs on my current sub 20 bike bummer. But I am looking forward to bombing some rooty dh without killing my hands. I know with the addition of the sus fork the bike will be ridden more. So I will still have a ss just not rigid.

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    No shame in ditching rigid.

    I tried it for about a month and decided it wasn't for me. Put a fork on it and have been happy ever since.
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    Rigid was fine. Suspension is fine.
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    Nothing wrong with going back to suspension fork. My rigid bike has its place for training and fun but I couldn't use it 100%. If I could only have one bike I can easily say it would NOT be rigid.

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    I ran my first SS full rigid for quite awhile, but then it just seemed silly. I figure anything that keeps you in the saddle longer is a good thing. Not getting beat up in the rocks keeps me in the saddle longer.
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