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    I am on the way to the delivery room.....

    Well after a lifetime of waiting, my White Industries SS cranks are in and Tani and the boys from the Path Bike shop will be assembling my PW PISSOFF next week. I will be driving down to LALA land next week to deliver the baby....

    I almost forgot what my frame looks like.... and any of you Path Bike Shop regulars, promise me you wont take the bike for a spin before I get to.... OK?
    Will shoot a few pics when I get it.

    Thanks to all of you for your friendships on this board..... -

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    Sorry Jerry! Can't promise anything! I was there when you brought it into the world.. I feel a terrific obligation to raise it correctly! =)

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    Tani from The Path was in Eugene a couple weeks ago. Sorry Jerry, but I've already ridden your bike.


    P.S. She howls!

    Quote Originally Posted by SS Jerry

    We don't quit riding because we get old.
    We get old because we quit riding.

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    Smile Don't forget

    we want to see some 'cord-cutting' pics

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    I do believe it's me that deserves the first ride


    This is how I see it. A little less than a year ago you posted on this forum asking for advice or opinions on a new SS wheelset (I believe M519 with KIng hubs). You preached your frustration with the local bike shops in your area letting you down. I was the one who decided to let you in on a Southern Cali secret shop and all of the singlespeed parts galore that they carry. Their great customer service and awesome wheel building ability. I am the one who told you about THE PATH. I don't forget these things!.

    So, now that I live in Colorado and can't get down to the shop before you to take a test ride. Let's compromise, keep the PW a virgin and meet me in Moab the week of May 18th so I can take the first spin on it. Deal????

    Can't wait to see a picture of it. I'm sure Karl, Adam, Mark and Tani @ The Path absolutely had to take it for a test drive to make sure it shifts OK. Those new invisible derailleurs are tricky to set up I hear

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    what day are you picking No. 9 up?

    my office is about 6 blocks from The Path, and since I need to pick up some new brake levers (like i need an excuse), i could wait until your delivery date, and personally confirm that the Niner is the single coolest bike, ever.

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