I'm in the process of making a decision around my 110 spaced Monocog, basically whether to replace it w/ a 135 spaced Monocog. The rear hub needs replacing and since I can get a new Monocog really cheap, it begs the question whether it makes more sense to just get a new one. One of my considerations is I have a pretty nice Bontrager hubset w/ a cassette rear. So if I go with the 135 Monocog, I don't need to buy a hub. If I stick w/ the 110, I have to buy a hub. So the decision would be a wash financially. I would just swap over all the other parts.

I've read the FAQ on converting cassette hubs so I understand how it is done. My question is whether or not there's any downside to a converted cassette hub? The only thing I can think of is a SS specific rear wheel is dish-less and therefore stronger, but it's not like I've taco'ed a bunch of dished wheels in my time so I'm not too concerned there. It also seems you could dial in chainline pretty wheel, given the ability to swap spacers around. Plus you get the added bonus of buying a really chi chi cog, like a Boone . Am I missing something?