HOW NOT TO: Winterize your cassette freehub body-
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    HOW NOT TO: Winterize your cassette freehub body

    Well, it is this time of the year where outside is as cold as a witches titties. Where your freehub freezes, slips and won't engage.

    Frown no more my friend, we are gonna winterize them hubs!


    Frozen casstte freehub (steel body is a must)
    Light grease (Snowmobile grease works perfect)
    Adustable spanner and 15mm cone wrench
    10mm Allen key
    Long-nosed pliers
    Magnetic tray
    Few nails (I'll explain later)
    and man's best friend next to dog, JB-Weld


    1. Remove the axle from the hub from the non-drive side. Save them bearings.

    2. Remove the dust cap. It is not threaded, you just have to pry or pull it out.

    3. Using a 10mm Allen key, unscrew the body from the hub. One turn is good, you don't need to remove the body yet completely.

    4. Loosen the lockring with two notches that is holding the ratcheting mechanism together using your pliers. Turn clockwise.

    5. Remove the body completely again with a 10mm key.

    6. Tape the bottom side of the body before fully removing the lockring. You can ignore this step if you like chasing for tiny bearings. Save them bearings.

    7. Remove the tape and be ready to catch the bearings once you pull the mechanism out.

    8. Clean all the parts with a degreaser or dish washing soap and a brush.

    9. Glue the bearings back, we don't need them to spin ever again.

    10. Put the freehub body back together with a touch of JB-Weld and jam the mechanism with cut down nails. The objective is to make that hub not to ratchet anymore. Use your imagination, my camera is dead.

    11. Torque that cassette body back to the hub. You just made yourself a fixed gear hub that might last you a few days, months, or years depending on your quality of work and style of riding.

    12. Not for everyone. Brakes recommended.

    By the way, the snowmobile grease works perfect in sub-zero temperatures, it doesn't thicken or gunk up. If you plan on just winterizing your hub, just replace the JB-weld with this grease, just a light coat will do. I swear you will be the only one riding in winter with a crisp ratcheting buzz on freewheel.
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    Interesting. Top marks for creativity, but might pass. Our winters are not that bad. And we are coming into summer now anyway :P

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    Nice post!

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    - Simon

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    I'm gonna have to try this on a cheap craigslist bike. Great writeup!
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    Awwww, you can laugh buddy, it's okay.

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