How long can ants live inside a bike frame?-
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    How long can ants live inside a bike frame?

    Weird question, huh? I received a freebie road bike frame, mystery brand from Italy, that I finally decided to build up as a cheap SS instead of throwing a bunch of old Campy parts on it. I have had this frame since October, at which time I noticed a few ants crawling on it. I figured since it had been stored in a shed, they had gotten on there. A few weeks later I noticed them still and this time I saw a couple coming out of the drainage holes on the seatstays. So, I let the frame sit for a few weeks until I finally decided to shoot some Rustoleum on it and build it up.

    What is weird is that I never saw any ants on the frame as I was stripping it and sanding it. I never would have expected anything to survive being infumigated with carcenogenic paint stripper or spray paint. Nevertheless, they were still crawling on my frame even after my build. Last night, I took some brake parts cleaner and sprayed down the top hole in the seatstay until it came the bottom hole. Whats odd is that no dirt or anything came out, but I am certain thats where the ants have been hiding in the frame.

    So, I decided to name this bike ANT. It needed a brand name since I have no clue who made the frame. I took an old Giant bicycle headbadge and cut it up, so now I have an ANT headbadge.
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    Not to be confused with Ant Bike Mike

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    no surprise. ants live in the spine of the books as well, complete with lavae and all other white yucky stuff.

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    Duh -- I saw the head badge without reading the post and thought "that doesn't look like an ANT"

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