How far will i get with the derailleur hack?-
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    How far will i get with the derailleur hack?

    Today i made a bold move and had my 7 speed specialized expedition turned to a single speed by taking off the 12-34 cassette and putting a single freewheel cog 18t on the back. The bike shop mechanic fixed the derailleur to act a tensioner and put the high and low limiter screws all the way in so that it wouldnt move side to side.

    He had to put on a PC- 1 single speed chain since it skipped with the 8 speed chain.

    Now it seems to fit inside the derailleur so that part shouldn't hopefully be a problem.

    The reason i did it was because the smaller cogs like 18 and 16 have problems when pedeling extremely fast and/or over bumpy ground.

    The chain just is not as snug as i would like it and has fallen off a few times.

    He test rode it and hopefully it will work for me.

    If i convert back to gears it will be fairly expensive since a lot of parts were removed.

    So i hope that the derailleur hack will be ok in the long run.

    I was wearing through the pc 830s and 850s pretty quick. Had it stretched to the middle point in a month.

    always preferred single speeds, but wanted an upright comfort bike and couldn't pay 200 or 300$ more and am not sure if i could have found a SS cruiser big enough.

    is the derailleur as a tensioner only good for a temporary fix?.

    probably the biggest issue was going to be whether or not the thicker chain would fit through it.

    I maybe could have always used pliars to open it up a little more.

    did i really get away with the one of the cheapest most effective way to go SS?.

    i know it probably still won't be as direct and responsive of power as a dedicated frame or a different tensioner.

    Even a short cage derailleur might be better at some point than using a longer cage one.

    It,s a tourney derailleur so im probably better off using that in case it doesn't last.

    I still like the jockey wheels, especially the top one which should help with the chainwrap.

    But it should last at least for some time i expect.

    its kicked out fairly straight so that will keep it out of the way from striking rocks and other hazards.

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    Depends on the chain tension. You want the derailleur to be really stretched out.

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    Funny thing is i didn't think of how hard will it possibly be to get the wheel off if i need to 😓

    Would i have to loosen the derailleur to get the chain off?.

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    You could lift the chain off the chainring to loosen it.

    A spring-loaded tensioer is a pretty darn cheap solution that will work better. Just buy one of those.

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