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    How do most manufacturer's measure?

    When I measure my seems the number I get...just don' t match up at all...
    For example...
    when I measure my wife's medium 1x1... the tape shows 19.5" from the middle of the crank bolt to where the seatpost enters the seattube. Yet, Surly says the seattube height as being 18"? Are they measuring from the bolt to where the toptube meets the seattube?

    This must be like shoe sizing where everyone does it different..but getting a reading that is 1.5" off is a little craxy...

    Any guidance?

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    many measure "center to center"

    i.e. from the middle of the BB shell on up to the intersection of the seat tube & the top tube.

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    center to center, center to top of top tube or center to top of seat collar, just depends on the manufacturer. They usually say on their frame specs page.
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