HELP - Wheel slippage on Bianchi S.I.S.S.-
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    HELP - Wheel slippage on Bianchi S.I.S.S.

    I'm riding a SISS and having problems with my rear wheel slipping. As expected, it happens on the drive side and happens pretty much every ride. The hub is a SPOT with serrated washers on the inside of the dropouts and bolts with serrated washers on the outside as well. It is basically all stock. I removed the chain tug on the drive side thinking this would allow the serrated washer on the outside to grab the dropout directly (as opposed to the smooth face of the chain tug being in contact with the dropout). I just got back from a night ride and all this accompished was that my slippage was even more violent (not gradual) because the chain tug wasn't there to keep it from slipping all the way. I can't adjust the chain tug out any more, and I can't make the tug into the dropout if I try and change the bolt to the second hole.

    I'm out of ideas. I'm cranking it as hard as I dare (to the point that it won't turn any further giving it almost everything I've got, I've had other SS buddies try tightening it as well).

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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    I ride a BUSS with the SPOT hub and probably the same chain tugs as yours. Never had a problem with the axle slipping, but you need that chain tug on the drive side. It sounds like your chain is the wrong length if you're having an adjustment problem with the tug. On my setup the tug adjustment is right in the middle of it's travel, and I'm using the hole closest to the end of the tug. Try adjusting the chain length to get the axle right in the middle of the dropout, then the tugs should work fine.

    You might want to check your chainline while you're working on the bike, mine was off by 2mm and I corrected it with a BB spacer.

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