So I scored a new frame for a song... '98 GF Mt Tam, pristine condition. Held it some, looked at it a bit... it just keeps whispering SS...SS...SS.

I got: fork,wheels & some NBX 2.3's, and a Speed V saddle, cranks & pedals

On order: appropriate stem and riser bar, and a pimpin' salsa clamp


Gusset or spacers?
Tensioner? Singleator seems about my price range, but Rennen is purty
Chainring? (got some single chainring bolts from the last build)
Quality V-brakes? I like the Avid levers
Seatpost & grips

I don't need super bling but this is a sweet frame with perfect geo that's worthy of a quality build and I got two northeast months to git 'er done... c'mon tax return.

I shall embrace this SS desire and feed it, or else..
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