Help setting up a DS Pugsley-
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    Help setting up a DS Pugsley


    Hoping for some quick advice. So I was looking at the Dinglespeed cog, and I have a cassette hub... can I just put two cassette splined cogs next to eachother, and voila, have a Dinglespeed?

    Next question is on gear ratios. I already own the following chainrings: 22T and 30T. I already own the following cogs: 22T, 19T, 18T. I wonder if there's a workable DS combo there, or if someone can point to a good resource for figuring out comparable DS combos. Is it just total number of teeth being equal?

    Thanks for the info!
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    I've not tried but all I've read suggests that keeping the total of number of teeth equal makes a DS work without changing chains or moving the wheel in the dropouts. I think you just slap two cogs on and go.

    I've thought about it and always considered straddling my standard SS ratio. I ride 32X18 a lot so on a DS I'd go 34X16 and 30X20. Just an example--which is likely not relevant to a fatbike or your conditions. Blackborow DS had 30x20 and 26X24 maybe?

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    I've had lots of dingles.

    If total number of teeth is equal then theoretically the position of your rear wheel won't move. But in real life there is usually some teeny tiny change especially if you are using different brand cogs/chainrings or a mix of worn and new ones. Or if the chainlines are slightly different that can affect things too.

    But since the Pugs uses horizontal ends, it should be a non-issue and too small of a difference to have to adjust your brake. When I've used sliding dropouts or EBBs it's been more finicky.

    You could change the number of teeth a little and your wheel could move in the dropouts but it might make your brake have to be adjusted when you swap.

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    I had an 18t and 20t (surly cogs) on the back of my pugs a couple years ago and it worked great. Took about 5 minutes to loosen wheel, pull or push back a half inch or so, adjust tensioner and tighten qr. I had 32t in front.

    I'm sure you could go at least 4-5t different in those track ends without changing chain size.

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