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    Upset Help with Rear Hub!!!

    Okay I bought a used 2013 Redline Monocog 29er and for some strange reason it has a quick release rear hub on it when I bought it, I know it didn't come like that from the factory. It came with 2 chain tensioners on it and as soon as I bought it I have been having nothing but problems with the rear wheel. I brought it in the shop and was told I need to either have the hub rebuilt to a thru axle or buy a new hub with a thru axle. I told him to rebuild it if he could, he called a day later and said it wasn't possible to rebuild so I need a new SS disc hub. Great.. Besides the annoying fact of why someone would put a damn quick release hub on a single speed now I am either going to sell the bike because I have had other issues with it and I don't want to put more money into it or I need a new rear hub. I found Single Speed Rear Disc Hub Novatec D236SBT 9T 36h 10x135 RH 135mm BMX DJ Street | eBay on eBay. Everything else seems to be starting around the $250 mark, I payed $475 for the bike to begin with. Can anyone give me some insight on what they would do? Will this hub fit what I have? Any other options I can consider for a small budget? Much thanks in advance, I need to get back on the saddle!!

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    You probably don't want that one. It's a micro drive hub so for BMX/DJ and you would need to run a very small front chainring. It uses special driver that you will only be able to run 9-11 teeth in the rear.

    You should be able to find a real cheap 10x135 bolt on wheel. Is there a bike co-op in your area? Or are people active on Craigslist or other classifieds? Or just check ebay for a complete wheel. That's what I would do.

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    This seems like a pretty extreme option just because you have a QR rear end. You say you're having problems and I am guessing this problem is the wheel is slipping on a incline, so the nut tuggers are either not holding the tension like they should or the QR is not clamped down tight enough.

    So I would replace the nut tugger/s and see what that does if that does not work replace the QR with a shimano closed cam or a dt swiss rws. These are all significantly cheaper than replacing a wheel, which is foolish. Do you have the model of rear hub? I am guessing it is a Redline hub?
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    Kona Unit's have always had quick release hubs.

    What hub does the bike normally come with?

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    I am assuming it is skipping because it is shifting in the dropouts? As someone stated earlier...get a better QR on the back. You may need to look at the axle reducer thingies that come with the Surly tugnuts (essentially a washer that reduces the diameter in your tensioners to that of the 9mm qr axle). Should be good with these additions.

    Double check chainline is correct as well.

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    I've got a Monocog with the same dropouts and tuggnuts. Use a QR with no problem but it needs to be a quality QR. Try getting an XT QR and trying that, grips like a fiend in my experience.

    Right now I'm running an American Classic QR and don't have any problems with that either.

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    I had an xt qr on my Bianchi with the little redline chain tensioners. I didn't have a problem, I would also try a better quick release along with chain tensionsers.

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    I have a Monocog but with a single Surly tensioner and QR skewers and I don't have any issues. If you're are running both factory tensiorers you probably don't have axle slipping issues.
    What issues are you having with the rear wheel? Does the wheel spin freely? Also what type of hub do you have on the rear? If it's a multispeed hub you might have a bad freehub. If your are experiencing slipping under load like on a steep climb this could be the culprit.
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    I've solved a few dropout slipping issues by swapping to another skewer. there are two types of quick releases; different names for these like internal and external cams. go old-school, external.

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