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    Help me pick a squishy front end...

    I don't have any ride time with the new forks out on the market these days, but I know I want a nice fork for the new steel SS thats gonna be here soon. I hear great things about Fox, and lately I have heard good things about the RS Reba. I have narrowed things down to either an F100X or a Reba Team. Some people here have said how the 100X complements SSing pretty well but at the same time the Pop-Loc feature on the Reba seems like it would be helpful. I have only ridden an old Sid and am not happy with the flex of the front end after going rigid for the past year. I am assuing both forks will be equally stiff considering the 32mm sanctions.

    I would love to hear about some experiences with either of the forks. thanks - ck
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    Good job!

    The Reba works very well for me.

    Once I got the pressures worked out, and tuned the rebound, etc.. the fork is really nice to ride with.

    Locked out mashing and grinding up hills with the handlebar mounted poploc engaged is great..

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    I have yet to ride a fork with any platforming that works anywhere close to how the terralogic stuff works. I believe in most stable platform stuff out there except the thing I dont like is that they are effectively a 2-way system such that force from either direction (ie, rider or ground) can overcome the threshold. As such, at least in my experience, it is too easy to set the threshold high to prevent bobbing when standing while at the same time lose any or all small bump sensitivity since the threshold is set so high.

    I LOVE my F80X since it is literally a one way valve where only ground input can overcome the valve. When you stand, it literally moves only a tad and pretty much settles and is about as close to a lockout as you can have. Other than the steep price, I cant say anything bad about it though I am sure some will.

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