Help me build a budget ss-
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    Help me build a budget ss

    I have this old Ritchey frameset:

    The frame is a late-1980s Ritchey Ultra (or maybe Ascent?) frameset that has had its U-brake posts removed from the chainstays, cantilever posts added to the seatstays and a pretty crappy red/white/blue fade paint job applied. (Guy I bought it from said it was powder coat, dunno) It's got a 20.5" seat tube, measured center of bottom bracket to center of top tube. The top tube is 22.75" long. Chainstays are 17", wheelbase is 42.5" long and it has semi-vertical drop-outs. more pics here

    I also have a White Industries ENO eccentric hub, 32-hole, 130mm. I bought it for this project. I have some old random mountain bike parts in a box in my garage. I would like to build up a budget singlespeed bike. (If I like it I'll build a nicer one with suspension and discs.)

    My main question is: Can I use any old mountain bike crank and bb? What kind of chainring and freewheel cog should I use? Do I need a ss-specific crank, or can I use an old triple crank, take off the little ring, grind the teeth off the big ring for a bash guard and use the middle ring? I bought a cheap Shimano BMX freewheel, not knowing any better. Will it work on the ENO hub? Is it for a fatter chain? Will that fatter chain work with my cranks?

    I have some old cantilever brakes, and some old Magura hydraulics, but I don't think either work as well as v-brakes so I'll probably go hunting for those. Not sure yet on rims and tires but I'll probably try to build budget tubeless, maybe x3.1 rims. I would like to find a Chris King threaded 1" headset for the frame too.

    Any other ideas?


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    perhaps hold off on the CK headset until you get everything else sorted but sounds like it could be interesting. Nice paintjob - I have something similar on my latest SS :

    Freewheel - the shimano freewheel should go onto the ENO hub OK - as long as it's a 16 tooth or larger size. As for chain compatibility, the freewheel is for either a 1/8" or 3/32" (8 speed) chain. Either will work with your chainrings but 3/32" will be quieter and lighter.

    Cranks - any old mountain bike cranks and BB should be fine. You don't really need to worry about BB standards on mtbs except the width - 95% of the time it will be a 68mm width. You'll probably want to use the middle ring on an mtb crankset. If you get yourself a "period" crankset to keep it "real" you'll probably be looking at a 36 or 38 tooth middle ring which you might find a little steep with a 16 or 18 tooth freewheel. A modern (~1997+) crankset will be more compact and probably have a 32 or 34t chainring - more manageable and pedallable.

    If you're going to run V-brakes get a booster as well. Those stays will flex like a noodle which is moist.

    good luck.

    - Joel
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