I'm looking to do some upgrading to my stock DISS. I had all the typical problems (crap chainline, Rear hub out of whack, crap avid pads, cheap headset) but still like it. I really wanted to go Curtlo but it isn't going to happen, so......

Any recommendations for a carbon fork or maybe a lighter steel fork to replace the stock one? I haven't had it off in years but I remember it being a tank. Can I go with a 100mm corrected or will that disturb handling? Can I make it a 96'er?


I'd like to get rid of the crappy ISIS BB/crankset. I replaced the BB twice and can't keep the crankarms tight even with locktite.

Can I go external BB like the Truvativ Stylo 1.1 or new Shimanos?
What shimanos am I looking for? XT760's? From what I've read there are no bashguards? True?

Thanks for any help. I haven't really kept up with whats going on in the SS/MTB world the last couple of years. The more I search the more I get confused.