Ok, after much thought I've decided on a Cross bike instead of the Karate Monkey....I know, I know.....

Anyway I need some suggestions on a cheap/sturdy wheelset for this bike. I plan on riding all winter on road and also some trail riding. Thinking about running Surly hubs with a fixed/free rear. The bike will be setup with vbrakes. Thinking about the Salsa Delgado's right now, but need other suggestions! Also, 32 or 36 hole? I weight 200lbs even. I'm thinking 36 rear and 32 front right now.

Also, any good ideas on tires that are 35 or less in width? I want something that will hold well in slippery, muddy conditions if possible. Doesn't Ritchey make a Zmax in this size?

Now the big question...flat bars or drops? I had the Salsa MotoAce Belllaps on my old cross bike and really liked them, but... I will pull the kids trailer and such with this bike too and a flat bar sure is nice then.

So, any suggestions?