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    Has This Ever Happen To You?

    While this happened to me hiking, a Goggle search showed it's also common in biking. It seems if you have shoes that are too small, a too long toe nail, or fail to lace your shoes tight enough, you can develop a blister under your toenail. In my case I think it was a combination between 2 and 3. Anyway my left big toe was hurting; I mean really hurting. When I checked the nail was gray and it felt like nail was coming off (I've lost a number of toenails as a result of getting them smashed). I also noticed a lot of pressure under the nail. Now I've heard if you have such a problem, it can be relieved by heating up a pin and pushing it through the nail. In my case, the pressure extended beyond the nail so I was able to pierce blister without going through the nail (although my macabre curiosity has me wondering just how painful that would have been). Check it out on <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idXuLJBtkhQ">You Tube</a> Warning, DEFCON 2 gross rating

    I have been draining the blister several times a day and am wondering how long it will take to heal. Anyone? Anyone?
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    Why F'k around, just go ahead and cut the toe off.

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    I know that heating a pin and pushing it through the nail works well for the smashed finger , blood under the nail kinda thing .

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    +1 on going through the nail.

    I've drilled through a nail with the smallest drillbit I had, and also spent a slightly longer time slowly working through the nail with an Xacto knife. They both worked well. With the Xacto knife, once I made it through the nail, I kept clearing the clot so the pressure under the nail would be continue to be relieved, and I definitely knew it when that blade touched the nail bed, super sensitive. That said, it was certainly worth it, I felt no pain prior to that (and I went through the nail, then cleared the clot at least 10 times) and the relief in pressure is amazing. I recommend it.

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