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    Handlebar Question

    Is this common on a prebuilt bike to put such thick bars on for a single speed, I want to shorten the bars a little and found this. I never knew there was anything like this. The handlebar is a Ritchey mountain riser in the picture is another Ritchey bar

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    Butted to resist bar end clamping force?

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    Yes that would be typical for an OEM build, that stem doesn't look like it's the lightest either.

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    I'm also thinking it might just be that thick at the ends to support bar end clamps. It's out of focus but does it look like it could be an insert in the end? I doubt its that thick all the way across.

    Edit: You could probably get a good idea just by comparing the weight of the 2 bars. That thickness all the way across would make the bar much much heavier than the other. But an insert on the end would be barely noticeable, weight wise.

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    OMG! That's massive! could be for barends but they don't even require that much.

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    Looking in with a flashlight it is hard to tell but it looks like it is that thick untill the kick up in the bar. I do not have a scale so I can not weight it just never seen this before maybe this is why my other Jamis geared dragon is only 1/4 pound heavier per the 2009 catalog

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    I just received my Dimension ARC bar today and I was a bit surprised by the thickness of the tubing. It's not as thick as the OP's example, but nonetheless thick and quite heavy for an aluminum bar that's only 560mm long.

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    I think it would have been fine if you hadn't cut the bars back.

    I mean, why the **** did you even do that for?

    I have the same Bontrager SSR stem in my parts bin, except it is silver. It looks nice there.

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