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    Half Pin, is this normal?

    As part of the Rennen Rollenlager install, I also put in the provided half link to shorten my chain a little bit. However, the pin seem to be a little long. Is this normal? It doesn't seem to affect anything (chainring, cog or tensioner roller)... In the pic below, the pin showing is the same length that is showing on the other side...
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    Me thinks the plates are installed the wrong way, mainly from the pin sticking out and where the plate tapers down should be on the inside and the wide side pointing out.
    Like this instead...

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    Should be O.K.

    I dont have one with the cotter pin, But mine are a little longer than the regular chains. They shouldn't cause any problems regaurdless, assuming you are running them on a S/S.

    How do you like that tensioner?

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    yep..... SS..

    I'm thinking it's a wider pin to allow for thicker chains...

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    I just filed mine off... and I run a 9-speed chain.

    Bascially, I pryed apart the 1/2 link, and replaced the "donut" with one from a 9-speed chain, and then pressed it back together, making the link thinner.

    Just like you, the pin was too long, not that it would really matter for 1x1, but I am very particular.... so I filed it off nice and flush.
    How 1x1 is DONE.

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