GT Peace Single Speed Hub confusion-
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    GT Peace Single Speed Hub confusion

    I use my SS Peace to commute to work in Auckland New Zealand (whatever the weather!). It can be very wet over winter and the roads are made from volcanic rock so it's a hard life for bikes here! I bought it to convert to an Alfine hub but I've been bitten by the SS thing, I love the acceleration and not having the stupid chain flapping around every time I jump off the sidewalk.
    The freewheel has started to get tired - "crunchy" feeling, slipping sometimes etc. so I'm looking for a new one.
    The hub is splined like a freehub, so the cog slides on, then it is held in place with a threaded locking ring (the splines themselves are threaded all the way back to the flange). Oh and it has a nice juicy bolt that goes from one side to the other with a nut on each end. The frame has horizontal dropouts with little tensioning screws

    My questions:
    1. Can I get a replacement threaded, splined freewheel to go on the hub or do I need a whole new hub?

    If I have to buy a whole new hub (eek!) It looks like the are at least 3 ways to go:
    a) A threaded hub that you add an integrated cog + freewheel to.
    b) An ordinary freehub that you add a conversion kit to.
    c) A SS hub that takes threaded cogs (I'm guessing the hub has the freewheel inside it somewhere?).

    2. What are the freewheel/cogs like? Do they last?
    3. Option (b) looks okay but it looks to me like you'd have quite a dished wheel.
    4. Option (c) looks good but expensive, and I can't see from the pictures what cogs you'd use.
    Can anyone tell me what I need?

    Oh and I have to push REAL hard to get up the hill to work so it needs to be quite strong...

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    Something like a Hope single speed/trials hub would be good, and uses the same type of sprockets as your GT hub.

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    I know this doesn't help right now, but while you are waiting for a mtbr member to come up with an answer, is there a local GT dealer that you can call to ask about replacement parts for your hub?

    i think that what you want is a splined cog and a new freehub, or just clean out and lube your old freehub. depending on the design of your hub, either might work. i have no idea where to get a replacement freehub though.

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    I have a Peace SS for commuting as well.
    If it is still the original hub it is a freehub, you are not using a freewheel.
    The cog you need for that kind of hub is something like this:
    This is what I have been using for the last 8000k maintenance free. It is showing a bit of wear now but still works ok.
    But yes if it is slipping (could be the chain?) you could replace with something like this:
    same design as your current hub:
    or a hub for a freewheel like this:
    hope that helps.

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