I have lurked ( in the nicest possible way ) on this forum for a few months now.
Having just moved to NYC I talked myself out of a flashy FS rig as I couldn't work out where
to use it. I got by with an ebay road bike whilst I read all the posts.
I have now had a SS KM for a week and am loving it. It has only seen a little bit of dirt but
will get a work out with me this week on Staten island.
Reading all the posts became and still is addictive. I love the camaraderie, the
passion with which people post and the humour. To the guy who got dogged for trying to
pick up on the womens lounge - that thread cracked me up - thanks for the laugh at your expense! The whole thing feels like sittin' around in a bar shooting the ****...just a bit slower and you have to serve your own beer!
You should all pat yourselves on the back for fostering a good community vibe.
That's all so back to lurking : )