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    Got the SS itch. Help convert a pile of 2005 components?

    I bought a new bike in March, a gorgeous Yeti ASR-5 that has changed my view of mountain biking forever. It's an amazing trail bike.

    Now that she's done, my old bike, a 2005 aluminum HT, is being neglected. To have something different, I'm looking to convert the old bike to SS. I want to minimize the parts I have to buy so I'll use what I have it it a point. Here's the old bike:

    I know I want a new frame. I want a SS specific frame. I'd prefer aluminum but I'm open to other materials. I'm OK with a used frame.

    I want to reuse the existing fork, so the frame needs to be 1 1/8" HT and use 26" wheels.

    I'll reuse the wheels and Avid BB7 brakes. I may upgrade the brakes to Shimano SLX later but the BB7s will work for now.

    I will buy a new SS specific crankset; so I can match whatever frame I end up with. Obviously I'll need a SS conversion kit for the rear hub and probably a new chain.

    Cockpit will all stay the same with the exception of a new bar eventually.

    So I really just need the following:

    Cassette conversion kit

    Any suggestions for the least expensive way to make this happen? I'm thinking a Voodoo Bokor frame but there have to be other options.

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    Looks like you're going to need to figure out the magic gear (or run a tensioner). To find magic gear, you will need to measure your chainstay length. Then Google fixmeup. This is an applet that computes the right gear ratio.

    I would just reuse your existing cranks. You can convert it to a single speed crank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinGT View Post
    So I really just need the following:

    Cassette conversion kit

    Any suggestions for the least expensive way to make this happen?
    The least expensive way is to shorten that list to the following:

    1. Cassette conversion kit.
    2. Single speed specific (BMX) chainring bolts.
    3. Beer.

    That's it. Done.

    Use the frame you have now. Simple. One day, you might upgrade, but for now, just convert the spare bike and ride the damn thing.

    Remove the big and small chainrings. You'll need BMX chainring bolts because you've lost some "thickness" by losing the big ring. The BMX ones have a shorter nut.
    Fit up a single sprocket up the back with spacers. You could even go ghetto and bust up a cassette, use the 16 or 17t gear and make some spacers from PVC pipe. I prefer the singlespeed specific cogs because they have a wider base than those from a busted cassette.

    Chain? If yours isn't worn to hell then shorten it.

    Tensioner? You have one. It's a good one too. A twin cog multi positional tensioner, awesome! You know it as a rear derailleur, but if you lock the limit screws into place, it makes a perfect tensioner.

    That's the least expensive way to make this happen.

    As for number 3, when it's built and you're happy, have a beer to celebrate. Win!

    Once you get this thing moving, you might like to fettle with the set up.

    Take your time looking for the elusive perfect frame. Just get what you have up and running and keep your eyes open for something else in the future. This is single speeding, don't wait to do it and don't overthink it.


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    Wow! The SS forum is WAY different than the other forums on this board!

    In the All Mountain forum, any answer provided always begins with "You need to go out and buy a..." It doesn't matter what the question is but the answer always involves buying something new.

    Here I asked about buying something new and the answer was to re-use the old stuff. I love the attitude!

    So digging around in my parts box last night, I found some SS parts I had picked up back in '05 or so when I first considered making a SS out of my 1997 bike. I've got a BMX cog and a chain tensioner that should work fine.

    This will be my weekend project. Thanks guys!

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    Your old frame looks like it has close to a street trials geo- so if it was me I'd go that route with it.

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