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    A Good Carbon Riser?

    I need a recomendation on a good Carbon riser bar. I tried a set of LP'S and they flexed alot.
    I thought I was going to break them right out of the stem. Are carbon risers even a good idea for SS? You need a ton of leverage on some climbs. I'm considering the carbon bars to soften up the ride on my aluminum frame, rigid CroMo fork SS.

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    My Race Face Next SL has held up well. Nice shape. Seems plenty strong for yankin' on.
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    I have been running a Syncros GAIN CF riser all summer on my SS and its still going strong. Overall I am very pleased but the graphics on it have rubbed off fairly easily from attaching number plates to the bars.

    I read afterwards that the Syncros carbon products got really high ratings for testing and such in some article that someone posted in another thread, wish I had the link.

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    I have been running the Easton EC70 carbon bar for a while now. I wanted a carbon bar to complement my rigid fork, and this one is the widest one that I could find. 660mm.
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    I've been very happy with the Salsa ProMoto carbon riser with similar setup... aluminum hardtail, rigid cromo fork. 160g 660 wide. Good for leveraging the SS. Much more comfortable than the stiff alloy bar it replaced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulydek
    I've been very happy with the Salsa ProMoto carbon riser with similar setup... aluminum hardtail, rigid cromo fork. 160g 660 wide. Good for leveraging the SS. Much more comfortable than the stiff alloy bar it replaced.
    I double that recommendation.

    It's super light, strong, absorbs well, and is wide. Salsa trusts it's strength enough to say you can run bar ends and also can cut it to size.

    I've been riding one on a full suspension bike for more than a year and recently put one on my fully rigid SS bike. It has all the stiffness you want for standing and grinding up hill while still having fantastic bump absorption qualities. And it's pretty.

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    I have mostly been running the Easton ML XC with no issues on a variety of bikes. The latest which is of the CNT variety is supposedly ulta strong based on the Easton website info, and so far its been great. The CNT is not a nice lookig as the older ones though, but it does feel a little stiffer.

    On another note, I recently bought a new (to me) SS that came equipped with a truvative OS CF riser bar. The bars, which are claimed to weigh 170 grams, are pretty wide with aluminium inserts in the ends of the bars.The idea is that the end plugs provide added protection to the end of the bars. Based on the minimal reviews on the bars though it looks like this aluminum end plug is actually the achilles heel of the bar instead, and if the end plug takes a hard hit in an accident it seems to be prone to crack off the end of the bar where the aluminum plug inserts.

    Other than that I can tell you the OS Truavtive Cf risers bars have proven flex free under some major SS torquing up hills and it provides a very predictable feel through a wide variety of terrain. I was skeptical at first, but after using the bar for a little while I am really happy with its balance of stiffness and comfort. They are also reasonably lightweight and they do look great as far as finish and appearance .

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    I've got a couple big crashes on some 2.5 year old Easton ML DH bars and still going strong. The best part is that they're 710mm wide giving lots of leverage.

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    I have been using Easton ML 25.4 XC bars for a long while (on three different bikes) and it has been very good. I moved to a 31.8 stem and thus tried a 31.8 Easton bar (the 25" SL this time). I found that based on the position of the bend and flare I could not get the brakes inboard far enough (the logos are a bit busy on graphics compared to previous ML bars also). I move to the 26" race face next bar (1.5" rise). It has more rise than I am used to but it seems stout, brakes are positioned where I want them and overall I like the bar.

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    I second the...

    raceface, syncros and salsa and would add the azoncic cf-1 riser. Great strength, weight, shape and width.

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    USE Atom Riser

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    Good job! Easton CNT Monkey Lite SL OS

    I have this with a FSA OS 110mm stem on a 3D Racing Single Speed 29er. I've been pounding 32X17 for a few weeks now and the bar is stiff enough for standing, but not harsh. I trust Easton due to so much history of using Easton products.
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    I've got the Easton EC90 riser on my Super Light and the Easton EC70 flat bar on my Sir9.

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