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    Going to go from 1x8 to SS, little help please..

    Ive been running a 1x8 setup on my 140mm alum. AM Hardtail for years now and cant get the SS idea out of my head seeing how I usually keep it in one or two gears anyways. So i want to keep my 8speed single crank and buy a conversion kit for my shimano hub. Im looking at the wheels manufacturing conversion kit that has chain guides and spacers. Then also looking at the dmr tensioner. Anybody have experience with these? Any other ideas? Im trying to keep it cheap, simple and not homemade. Thanks

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    My first conversion was a Wheels spacer kit for about $15. I think it was this:
    Wheels Singlespeed Conversion Kit - $14.95 - Bike Parts 360

    I removed the 8 spd cassette, and knocked the pins out of it to seperate the cogs. I then had 8 cogs to chose from. I really only played with a couple though. I tried to create a nice straight chain line and started with a slightly larger cog for 2 reasons: 1) I could always shorten the chain and 2) I could build up to tougher gearing ratio. It was a cheap and effective way to find out if I liked SS and to hone in on a gear ratio.

    If you have vertical dropouts you may need a tensioner if you can't find a gear combo that works. Or maybe a 1/2 link. Chain guides will also help you avoid dropping the chain.

    Sheldon Brown covers a lot of stuff to get you going here:
    Singlespeed Bicycle Conversions

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    When I went from geared to SS I bought the DMR tensioner and a SS conversion kit from Performance that included a tensioner (that I didn't use), a bunch of spacers and several cogs. I settled on a 32 x 18 combo. Eventually I want to go 32 x 16, but all my rides have some pretty good sized hills.

    I liked the DMR as it's not a spring loaded tensioner so the bike stays quiet w/ no chain slap.

    I just recently bought a set of Easton wheels that are SS specific along w/ a Surly cog that has a wider base. The wheels were about $175 for the pair and 30 for the cog. Somehow, when I put the Surly cog on, along w/ a new 8 speed chain, I no longer needed my tensioner.

    All in all, on my first go around, the total investment was about $50 for the initial conversion. Once I fell in love w/ SS then the money started adding up.

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