Gearing for the Crosscheck fixie-
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    Gearing for the Crosscheck fixie

    I'm getting ready to set my Crosscheck (currently an SS geared @ 48X17) to a fixie in the range of 42X16 or 18. My question is: Is anybody out there running similar gearing on a Crosscheck and how well does it fit in the Surly's semi-horizontal dropouts? I don't want the wheel too far forward (my current 48X17 is perfect) and have little $$$ to experiment with different sized cogs. Thanks in advance-----------

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    around 65" give or take a few is pretty much the standard road fixed gearing. closer to 60" if you ride mostly dirt roads, and you can go closer to 70" if your wheels are light and fast.
    #chainring teeth divided by #cog teeth multiplied by wheel diameter=gear inches, in case you don't know what I'm talking about.
    If you're running hugely fat crosser type 700C tires, take the actual rolling diameter into consideration, measure the diameter and use that, for normal road tires, 27" is close enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drbbt
    I don't want the wheel too far forward (my current 48X17 is perfect) and have little $$$ to experiment with different sized cogs. Thanks in advance-----------
    Currently I've got 42x17 for the road and 42x21 fixed for the trail. The 42x17 puts the axle around the middle of the dropout. I can flip the hub to 21 without adding links and it puts it way forward in the drop but it works and hasn't slipped. I ran 44x17 for a while and that landed near the rear of the drop.
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    I run 42/16 fixed on my Cross Check. I use it on moderately hilly pavement like that with 23c tires. I run it 42/22 off-road with a freewheel and 44c tires. At 42/16 the rear wheel is almost all the way back in the dropouts, so much so that I have to take the adjuster screws out of the dropout to get the right tension. It works great and is allot of fun to ride as a fixed. Cross Checks are such versatile bikes than can do almost anything.

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    either / or

    I'm running 42/16 on mine.... if I remember correctly, the wheel was
    either all the way back or all the way forward, depending on # of chain
    links. I'll look at it tonight when I get home, it's been a while since I've
    fiddled with it.

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    What I think is cool about this thread is seeing how many peeps are running fixed Crosschecks. Cheers fellers!

    Mine is geared 42/18 and I think the axle is in the first 1/3 of the dropouts. I don't have the bike by me right now because I'm at work, but the wheel is in there solid. I never had the axle slip.

    The gearing is fine for most trail applications, but I start suffering a little when it's REALLY sloppy. I spin out pretty easily on the road, so I stick to fireroads and light trails. I run 34 mm tubulars.
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