Gear / Torque ratios-
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    Gear / Torque ratios

    I have a Redline 925 urban singlespeed that I have ridden for years, 42:16 which is 2.63:1. It's a crusher, but I use it for commuting, bar hopping and even hill training. The beauty of that ratio is that I don't spin that much.

    I recently bought a Kona Unit, outfitted with gravel tires (38cm) which is pretty close to my urban bike with its 35cm tires. The Unit will become my new knock around urban bike and the Redline will go out to pasture. I have a friend offering up a 34T or a 36T ring.

    The unit is set up right now as 32:14 which is 2.29:1 and I do a lot of spinning. I am going to up the ratio to try to get closer to the old 42:16 ratio but I am wondering if there is any difference whatsoever in how I do it.

    A 34:13 would be almost identical. But so would a 36:14.

    Is there a benefit in having a larger rear cog combo or a smaller rear cog combo when it comes to torque?

    And if there is a difference, would I be better served to turn down the free ring offer and just go buy a 42T and toss an extra 16T on the back?

    Am I overthinking this? I understand the gear ratio in terms of force, I just don't know if I can get better torque based on actual cog size.
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    Smaller cogs will wear faster. Bigger cogs spread the chain load among more teeth, so they should last longer.

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    Good thought, I am going to take the 36T since it is free.

    If anyone has a thought on torque for 36:14 vs 42:16 I'm all ears. Could always go out and buy a 42T can down the road.
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    For the rider gear ratio is all that matters.
    Same ratio = same 'torque' whatever one may mean with that.

    Large/large combo's just run smoother, quiter and last longer.

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