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    Which gear combination to use?

    Okay, I am going to cheat a little and run a single speed rear drive with a Schlumpf Speed Drive crank that has both 1:1 and 1:1.65 ratios.

    I can get the crank with chainrings ranging from 27-40T.

    What would be the best rear/ front sprocket combination to use given the available chainring sizes and the crank's two ratios for slow, technical trails that would also allow a decent speed on the flats?

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    I'd start off w/ a 2:1, maybe like 32/16.

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    You are for sure gonna want to use the 27 tooth chainring. that equals a 44.5 t ring in overdrive which is huge. plus using a smaller ring in the front keeps the two different ratios as close as possible. The gap between gears gets proportionally larger as the ring size goes up.

    I'd go with a 22 tooth cog. this would give just above 2 to 1 in overdrive plus a nice low gear for techy sections and hills. If you want to go higher use a smaller cog.

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