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    full suspension build...

    i am planning on building a 6 inch travel front and rear single speed...i assume i have to use the roloff tensioner due to its closeness to a derailer, but has anyone done anything like this???? please no lame replies about how cool you are on your 29er and how core you are cause you ride fully rigid and are keepin it real...i rode single speed for 8 years before it was a cool cult thing to do and dont want to hear about how retarded i seem....i just want a few thoughts about building a sick single speed ride because for the first and only reason i rode ss was because i hate derailers!!!!!!
    thank you

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    Agreed but...

    If so many SS, 29rs and ridgid riders didn't have such well developed supiority complexes this guy wouldn't have to work so hard at softening the scorn aimed at his question.
    I have considered building a 5" Lenz Lumberjack as a SS to buffer my twice broken wrists and hands along with my surgically repaired shoulder but it's not the best option for out of the saddle hammering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottyl
    i rode single speed for 8 years before it was a cool cult thing to do and dont want to hear about how retarded i seem....

    what cult are you talking about? should I be worried that the people I ride with on SS do drive by's on non-SS riders?

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    Paul Melvin would work too

    I saw one on ebay for a good price yesterday.


    Kona also makes a FS SS but 4" travel, Lenz makes a few too. I would love to see picks when you get it built.

    One thing to watch for, make sure the chain is slack enough to stretch the full travel, or it will snap when you bottom out the suspension. Good luck.

    P.S. do a search, there are a bunch of threads on FS SS.


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    Fs Ss

    I have been riding my Epic as a SS for 8 months I love it. When I first posted my bike I got some negative feedback, but its my bike.

    I would recomend a different chain tensioner, a Pauls Melvin or even your current derailleur, I use a Soulcraft on my Rigid SS and it works great but on my FS SS I couldn't get the tension I wanted. I don't use a tensioner now but I am going to put on a Melvin soon, I have noticed some chain tension in recent rides.

    Depending on the bike you choose you might want to look into a platform shock or shock with a lock out or your best friend will be BOB.

    GO LAKERS!!!!
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    Ride what makes you happy...I just converted my rigid SS to a 1 by 3 (at a time) which means there's no lever or shift on the fly option. I used a road d to handle the tensioning and shifting duties.

    The bike was running a 38:18 which was pretty good for almost everything...a few climbs had me stumped and my commute could have been faster) but the addition of a higher cog (a 13) and a lower cog (a 24) solves those isues.

    Purists might criticize my setup too but it's my setup and I thkn it will make me a happy rider.
    I ride with 65'er...he's a mountain goat....But then again, we need to throw him in the mud and pack his pockets with lead shot before a scale will read him. - Psycho Mike

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    Lakerfan- I'm surpised that your setup works without a tensioner. Obviously your chain isn't to short, or you'd snap it whenever the suspension compressed, but I'm surprised that it isn't too loose higher in the travel.

    To the OP- Sure, do what you want. Get somthing along the lines of the Melvin or Rolhoff tensioner. Have you picked out your frame yet?

    It's interesting that the "gay" references in the original post were removed, but "retarded" was left alone. Hmmmm.....

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    use a suspension design with no chaingrowth...

    lucky for you haro just came up with one


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