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    Fs Ss??

    A buddy and I want to build SS bikes, but want FS frames...are we SOL? How much the the stay length change on a 'specialized four-bar' system? Will a tensioner take up enough slack?

    Bikes will be used mostly for street and dirt jumps.

    thanks for any advice!

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    Check out the Kona "A", I think it is the only FS SS there is. It's only available as a frame now though.

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    The Kona is more of an XC type ss. If you are looking for street/jump type bike and want a FS, the Specialized (or any other FS bike) is suitable, but you will need to run a derailleur as a tensioner. Modify the main spring in the derailleur to the stiffer setting to keep tension high. I ran a full suspension bike as a ss for a while with a rear derailleur as a tensioner and it worked great. FYI - a short cage road type derailleur (105 is a good choice) works well.

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    good news

    I was hoping that four-bar would work, since practicaly every bike maker licensed it. Thanks!

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    You could always go with a URt like the Mantra or Catamount. Ive got a friend with a SS mantra and he loves it.
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    Go with a derailleur or a Paul Melvin

    A friend has a 3 speed hard tail with a triple in the front and a single gear in the back tensioned with the Paul Melvin. Not FS, but the tensioner takes up the slack really well. Should work fine for a SS FS or if you want to make it cheap just use a derailleur (see the SS FAQ). Don't use a Surly singleator - not enough travel or spring tension to keep the chain on IMO.

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    If you wanted a more freeride ish bike you could try a Cove G-spot. It looks to have the same type of swing arm set up as the Kona


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    Any FS bike with a concentric BB main swingarm pivot (which includes frames from Kona, Cove, Wheeler, and others) can be setup as a singlespeed without a tensioner (though the vert drops tend to limit your gearing choices) because regardless of where the suspension is in its travel, the distance from axle center to BB center remains constant, as the swingarm pivots around the BB shell.

    Also any URT (which includes slingshots) its the same way, because the axle to BB center distance never changes.

    Most softtails (the ones in the 1.5" travel or less category) can also be run without a tensioner, because the amount of travel they have plays a very minimal change on the effective chainstay length.

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