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    Friday afternoon poll: Your past and present SS's

    OK so here's the question: how did you start SSing? On what bike? What happened to that first SS? Feel free to post pics and comment wherever fit.

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    Smile My go

    Started out on my ol' 1991 Stumpy/convert. (still have it)

    Graduated to a Webcyclery built Surly 1X1. (sold it on Ebay)

    Sold off the collection of gearies and suspended bikes, and obtained the Sofa King Ti King Pin with EBB and all the goodies. (still have it)

    Realized just HOW good the Surly frames are, and jumped into the fixie parade with a new Surly 1X1 with proper Surly fixed hub just two weeks ago. Now a confirmed fixie junkie.

    The 19.8lb. King Pin just sits lonely in the garage now. She's relegated to "race duty". (fixed...'natch!)

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    In the beginning...

    I started ss with an old ultegra rear der. as a tensioner on my Jamis Dragon. Sold that and used the money for a Bianchi BUSS. Sold that after having my Ibis Mojo converted to horiz. track ends. Sold that after riding the Karate Monkey, and used the funds to purchase the White Bros. BW.8, and an HID light set-up.
    Right now, I have 2 fixed gear road bikes, a fixed gear Cross-Check, the Karate Monkey (ss freewheel.)
    Wow... I guess I never thought about the "evolution" of my singlespeeds.

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    Okay, here's my quiver of single speeds. Not pictured is my Schwinn Bantum (ss) that I learned to ride on in the 70's. Still have it and I'm going to hand it down to my kids one day. From left to right in the pic are; New Spicer Ti Cruiser. Middle bike: the Barracuda was my first mtb single speed I converted about six or five years ago with old parts I had laying around. Barracuda has Suntour microdrive parts, first generation Shimano spd's, cantilever brake, old bontrager saddle (with precision duck tape repairs !) The last bike is an English Pashley work bike with a big springy saddle and a monster wicker basket for running errands around town. My fortune cookie said I'll have a fixed gear in the future
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    Converted a 1995 Stumpjumper M2 to an SS after buying my first (and only FS). Quickly began riding old SStumpjumper more than new FS.

    18 months later sold the FS and bought a Bianchi DiSS. Shortly thereafter gears went back on the SStumpjumper so I could sell it to a friend.

    24 months after that, bought a Santa Cruz Chameleon to replace a 1x 9 hardtail I never rode. Planned to build the SC 1x9, but couldn't bring myself to do it, so it's singled out and loving life.

    Still have the DiSS, but I ride the SC more often. Will probably replace the DiSS frame with a rigid something-or-other shortly.

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    SS Cronology

    First Singlespeed was a '98 Bontrager Privateer (rasta paint scheme) converted with a Judy fork.

    Sold the Bontrager frame (yeah I regret it now) to get the dedicated Surly frame pictured below in its final state before I bought the Voodoo frame. Now I have the voodoo as the main ride with the Surly built back up in a rigid config because well hey...its good to have a backup right? If I could ever luck in to some dirt drops I think Id have the Surly built up as a rigid/drop bar alternative for keeps.
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    Custom blinglespeed to start with

    I saw a Voodoo Nzumbi on the train one day in 1999, and within a few months, I had created this:

    <center><img src="" width=720>
    The MTBR SS Forum-certified first-ever production SS</center>

    It was stiffer than an 18yo sailor in a Philipino strip joint, but I loved it. When I finally decided to ride SS exclusively, I sold her to fund my second, current, love:

    <center><img src=""></center>

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    Here's my path to the light

    Started with a geared 90s Kona team frame (nice colombus Nemo tubing) realized I was only using 3 out of 24 gear combos, dropped the big ring and granny, still realized I was only using three cogs on the back, got a singleator and built a surly hub for it. Then rode with Wade (the Vulture) at HarmCon '02 and saw his handiwork. Mulled it over for a few months 'till I saved up the money, and dropped it all on a new frame and new components. Also have a Bianchi MTB converted to a fendered townie bike with a pauls single rear hub and two chainrings in front with an old suntour deraileur for a tensioner, and an early 90s Schwinn Paramount converted to a fixie.
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    - 1980 team Murray bmx bike - my first bike ever.
    - 1990 Specialized hardrock - rode throughout college - gave to yellow bike program
    - 1964 Schwinn racer - oh so fast - still in use somewhere back in college town. Famous for it's record for riding no hands no feet and still being stable.
    - 1992 GT tequesta - stolen the day i built it. Never saw action.
    - 1988 Rockhopper - Fixed gear love with 700c wheels and cross tires.
    - 2003 Jensonameleon - nothin but love
    - On-one to replace the Jensonameleon in near future.
    - 1987 Waterford Paramount track bike. ' nuff said.

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    I get the years all mixed up but the first SS I saw was at a race. I laughed at the guy on the start line(Paul Ziegle for those who know who he is). He duely proceeded to kick my asss. From that moment on, I NEEDED one. His was a Breezer that had horizontals brazed on. I think this was in '94 or '95. I promtly went home, bought a Specailized Stumpjumper steel frame from a freind and converted it to SS. I used a blown up XTR rear mech for the tensioner. Instead of using the whole derailluer, I took it apart, used the mounting bolt, and the front(outboard) pulley plate as a tensioner. There was no spring involved, but it worked quite well at keeping tension. My riding buddies all thought I was nuts. Untill I started kicking thier asses. hehe. But none of them converted untill this year! after all my chiding and beating them up hills even. They just loved their technology too much I guess. Sold that bike once I got to QBP, bought a sweet Kona Hot custom SS that eventually got stolen, and have progressed through several others to my beloved Hunter 29" ss.
    Just a regular guy.

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    My SS History

    One of my riding buddies got a Bianchi BASS and kept on me until he conviced me to try SSing. I bought a Redline Monocog and have not been without a SS since. My history goes something like this:

    1-Redline Monocog
    2-Bianchi DISS
    3-Converted Cannondale F3000SL
    4-Converted Merlin Extra Fat
    5-My current ride-Bystickel custom steel EBB SS with Headshock
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    My first single speed

    I moto tooled the cable stops and derailleur hanger off an '88 Raleigh Chill frame, then had it (and a rigid SR Litage fork) powder coated Baron Red.
    The frame had semi-horizontal dropouts, so it was good to go. I built up some Mavic road freewheel hubs (126mm spacing, and a 130mm frame- no problem), and had a great raceable SS.
    I did this in '97. After more than a year, I realized my ti geary hadn't been ridden since I started SSing, so I sold it and had Sycip make me a bike... Little did I realize that the bike they were making for me was (and still is to this day) the very best bike that has ever graced the trails of this Earth.
    Thanks, J & J.

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    #1 When I first thought about SS'ing, I only had a FS rig, so after doing the math, the Bianchi Cuss was the best bang for the buck spec-wise (with the frame and parts I had to buy).

    #2 Then after a LONG wait, the Matt Chester Utilitiman frame came. I stole parts off the CuSS to get it rolling. I'm happy, at least until the torrential rains came, and the mud ate v-brake pads for lunch.

    #3 A buddy loaned me a S-Works M4 frame that didn't fit him. That was my geared bike -- but it became the mud beater SS with disk brakes and a zip-tied derailleur as a tensioner.

    #4 In preparation for a 24 hour race, the Giant NRS was briefly converted to SS, but the boing action while climbing unseated was deemed obnoxious. Wrong plan, so it quickly got converted back to normal.

    Being too lazy to convert the M4 back to gears, the Cuss got converted to fixed gear, with primary focus on ruining my hamstrings and knees.

    Total = 4
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    ... and if we just ... Homemade convert

    I used a vertical droupout frame and just experimented with diff'rent cogs threaded onto an old freewheel until the chain tension was right. I think the combo that worked best was 36X16, merely by coincidence.

    I was doing some volunteer work for a local non-profit bike re-cycling outfit - reCycles - so I had a bunch of parts with which to experiment.
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    Can you post in a Friday afternoon thread on a Monday morning..

    I'm new to this game - as seen in my previous post on the crossed up singlefied road bike. Didn't require any new parts or conversion at all - just ditched the derailleurs and cables - STI shifters are still on there but still running the brakes.

    Nice SS camping trip just this weekend gone through a beautiful area known as Czech Paradise - amazing sandstone outcrops and lush green valleys. Only a couple of short sharp pitches I couldn't get over on 48-21, a few others I thought my legs were going to explode though!

    Got to get a proper MTB conversion happening, trouble is there's not many old but decent MTBs in this town, mountain biking being a fairly recent phenomenon in this town....


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    I started mountainbiking in 1996. My first SS was a Madwagon Retro SS that I got off of Ebay for $45 shipped in october of 2002 . I bought it for commuting, errands, & other assorted beater duties. I took it to trail maintenance one day because it was the only bike I had with flat pedals at the time & didn't want to dig holes in my Sidis. I had a lot of fun just lazily tooling around the woods, so I decided to throw on some fat downhill meats, old profile cranks, and some abusable control components (stem, bar, seatpost) that I had laying around. I was immediately hooked. I bought a sweet Bullit in January of 2003, but it's logged maybe 200 miles in the 18 months that I've owned it because I'm addicted to SS.

    I bought a Karate Monkey in November of 2003 and fell in love, so I picked up another Monkey when I found a sweet deal on a frame 2 months later. The madwagon is now on backup duty. I use the second monkey for commuting. I recently discovered our local velodrome, so I have a 2004 pista now as well. The monkeys & the pista get along really well.

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    celeste Frankenbike

    Quote Originally Posted by weather
    OK so here's the question: how did you start SSing? On what bike? What happened to that first SS? Feel free to post pics and comment wherever fit.
    I caught the bug in the spring of 2001 at the recommendation of a buddy at the LBS who had been SS'ing for about a year. Back then, NOBODY around here had a SS or had even heard of it. I picked up a steel frame and a wheelset (and other assorted parts) off ebay and used a singleator coupled with an old LX hub and custom cut PVC spacers. I think the original crankset was an old XT square taper, and I ran 34 x 19 gearing. The frame was of unknown origin and had been painted celeste, so most people thought it was a Bianchi CUSS. The seller had told me that it was Ritchey Logic tubing, but he didn't know who had built it. It was about 3.5 pounds and rode like a dream! The fork was an old Manitou SX that I bought on Jenson for $75. I still remember my first ride on it (pictured below). Since that bike, I've had a Redline Monocog, a Bianchi SISS and now a Surly 1x1, which seems to combine all the best attributes of my past singlespeeds. Now, you can't swing a dead cat on the trails around here without hitting a SS. I think I liked it better, though, when nobody had heard of singlespeeding...
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