FreeWheel Durability-
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    FreeWheel Durability

    Just got a White Industries Wheel Set and have to switch from free hub to freewheel. Was wondering what a good option is besides the uber White industries freehub? I am also looking for a 22 tooth, so that limits what is available. How long can I expect it to last?
    in general, do regular feww hubs and freewheels have similar number of engagment points or do you sacrifice that with a freewheel unless you get a trials version?


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    Go to the tartybikes website and take a look at the WI alternatives in a high engagement FW. They are more reasonably priced than WI, but with unproven track records. The dicta and shimano bottom level FW are cheap but fragile. FWIW, I use a WI Trials, and it has been just flawless for the past 2 years. Shop around for a good price an it will be money+time well spent. Also, spend some time working out your gearing needs on a gear calculator before investing in a FW. It sounds like you already have a crank and chainring limiting your FW choices, however. You may have no choice but to run a non-trials WI.
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    + 1 on WI. No problems with my 22t. Put it on and forget about it !
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    Engagement points can vary all across the board. POE is over rated IMHO. While nice, I don't notice the difference between my King SS hubs and my WI freewheel.

    If you want WI with the trials engagement but a 22t, you'll have to buy two the 18t trials and a 22t standard ENO then do a swap. Then sell the 18t as a regular ENO. I've seen the occasional ENO body minus the guts before on fleabay or here.

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    Or call the nice folks at WI and see if they can sell you parts directly.
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