Fox fork creaking, any ideas?-
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    New question here. Fox fork creaking, any ideas?

    I have had a progressively worst creaking sound on my Spicer Ti. I have an 03 Float RL and it seems to be creaking badly. It feels like the bushings are wore out and loose. When I hold the front brake and push the bike I get a mild creak sound, and it feels like the headset is loose, though it isn't. When riding the creaking is BAD, but I think it may be amplified by the ti frame. Would wore out bushings cause this type of behavior? Thanks for your help!

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    Check ........

    Your fluid levels. This is an easy fork to work on, the directions' don't make it look so but it is quite easy. Inside the fork legs You should see the teflon bushings, They are quite long. I really don't think You have wore them out but it could happen. Also check that the headset cups themselves are not loose.

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    2 most common sources of creak on front fork...

    1) Axle-fork interface. Usually only occurs when you run a disc, but make sure that interface is tight. Some hub/QR skewer combos are problamatic, especially with Al - Al type interfaces (ie: Hugi, CK...). Most Shimano steal axles hold fine. Easy test is to put someone elses wheel on.

    2) Head tube needs facing. Slightly out of parralel head tube ends will allow the headset cups to rock ever so little, and when the grease you use to insert the cups wears out, you get creaking from there. Chris King headsets are particularly sensitive to this. Any good shop will be able to face your head tube, and the first turn of the tool will show weither it needed it or not.



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