i need a new fork for my new 2004 santa cruz chameleon. i was building it saturday and d@mned if the steerer tube on my trusty ol' manitou black elite was too short by about 2 inches.

i'm thinking about going with either the 120mm marzocchi mx pro or the 130mm z1 fr sl. both have the ETA, which is key for SS use, in my opinion. i'm very happy with the 100 mm MXC i have on my DiSS, which has the ECC lockout.

i'm mostly only considering marzocchi because i have a friend who can get me sick deals on those forks, and well, let's hear it for the bomber girls.

can anyone shed some light on the differences between the two, and which you'd go with for heavy duty SS applications? i will be using this bike for both cross country and technical "free-ridey" type trails. i'm not worried too much about the weight differences, since if i want a lighter bike i can always ride the DiSS.

i'll post pics when i finish it... it's very pretty - it's the lighter "duke blue" color.