Where do I start. I have an old Caloi frame I am trying to build up. I got the bottom bracket in and some old LX cranks. I finally bought a head set from wheelworld off of a kona I get it press in with my fork. I bought a stem azonic shorty and I thought I was all set. Well the shorty is about 70mm stack height went to my LBS and looked for a 30mm stack height stem and they did not have one. Of course they tried to sell me a threaded fork. I need help here. Do I have any options? I was considering a BMX stem but I was informed that they don't take a 25.4 bar. I am trying to set this bike up as a beater so I want to spend as little as possible. Do they make stems that will only need 30mm of a fork tube? I put this post in the single speed because you guys probably do more builds than other people do.