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    Flip Flop ideas

    Hey folks. this is my first post on mtbr. i recently picked up my first SS mountain bike. its a 2002 Gunnar Ruffian 34x16, with a matte black finish. originally it was canary yellow, but the person i bought if from was grateful enough to professionally paint it for me.
    what an experience. ive attached a pic for you all you pic junkies.

    anyways. i was riding in the city yesterday (washington DC) with a 34x16 freewheel setup. it feels good when in am on the street, but when i hit the trails in the spring i think this will be too much of a low gear. I am curious about common setups especially with the flip-flop idea. ive got a 1x1 surly hub.
    should i go FIXIE in the street and FW on the trails?

    maybe something like a 16tooth fixie and a 18tooth FW.

    or Fixed on the trails and FW on the streets?

    Can i go with two freewheels on the back? is that annoying?

    What about chain length?

    Now I know its really up to me to decide about what is most comfortable for me, but I am curious about what others have on their setup and maybe even recommendations.
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    flip flops are great

    I've got a Phil fixed/free on my 29er Karate Monkey. It has the horizontal fork ends like your Ruffian, for that style setup my recommendation is to go free on one side and fixed on the other. Reasons....fixed riding is very fun, it's a PITA to have to adjust brakes every time you flop the wheel (which you'd have to do with a free/free setup). On my KM I have a 34t ring and a 20t freewheel and either a 18t or 15t fixed cog. I have the brakes set up to work when I have the wheel in the 20t freewheel position, and when I flop it to fixed gear, I just release the rear brake and only use front brake. I like having a 'to the trailhead' fixed gear, and a trailriding freewheel (or a lighter fixed gear).

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    options are endless

    on my mtb I have it fixed/free with the same size cog/freewheel.
    just for a backup if the freewheel goes out.

    On my cross bike its 42/16 42/22 and not as easy as flip flopping.
    I found that you can't have more than a few teeth difference without having chain or brake adjustments.
    SRAM quicklinks make easy work of changing the lenght of chain.
    I've been inside too long.

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    we call it a "Dingle"

    not dingle berry:

    run two rings in front, and a flip/flop rear. For example, run 34 x 18 as your fw gearing, and 38 x 14 for the fixed gear. Both = 52 total teeth, and your chain doesn't have to be shortened/lengthened. You may have to experiment with chainline issues, etc. It works great if you're using an old cassette hub, where you use individual cogs and spacers; chainline is not an issue. I've yet to try it for a flip/flop hub, but it should work. I intend to use this set up in Berlin this summer.

    Hurl Everstone

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