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    Flexx handlebars.

    Not a bad idea:


    I can see all sorts of practical benefits -- for rigid riders especially. But also in being able to more easily produce a bar that's swept beyond the standard 8* that most of the industry seems stuck at.

    Makes sense for bikepacking, maybe fatbiking, possibly even gravel applications.

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    I would be willing to give them a go, any idea where to get them from? Their website doesnít show them, only their motto products. Would also be curious on price, as the Moro version are almost $400.

    Iím sure there will be naysayers, but Iíd honestly try them with an open mind. Iím too old to keep trying to be rigid and grit teeth through the pain.

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    There's a thread somewhere on here with those as the subject. I've also seen a stem marketed for gravel riding with an elastiomer, may have a been a short review on here. I'm not sure I would like the idea for rough riding, but for longer hours it may prove a comfort.
    I don't know why,... it's just MUSS easier to pedal than the other ones.

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    Cool concept. MBA did a first ride review and said expected price is $500: https://mbaction.com/first-ride-fass...tb-handlebars/

    I wonder how flexy they feel when standing and mashing?

    I'm not that into it, but glad someone is thinking outside the box.
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    I used to run these on my dirtbikes for years. I switched off of them at times and didn't notice much difference. Vibration resistance was key on the moto, but obviously that doesn't apply on a bicycle. It's worth considering that the way the bars are mounted on either, the movement of these bars is not directly in line with the movement of the suspension (not on the same plane). So, in use, there is movement in multiple directions slightly. That might bother some people, but it's probably a benefit if you can handle the extra weight and slightly vague feeling at the bars. On a bicycle, I'd say these would be useful for rigid but not much else. On a short travel XC bike, they're too heavy for most. On a longer travel rig, they're an exercise in redundancy unless your suspension is set up WAY stiff. Cool product nonetheless.

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    I have been using these on my motos since they came out.They take a bit of the edge off sharp hits and braking bumps. Won't ride moto without them. I have not tried them on the mtb yet.
    Another moto company called xcgear17 produces handlebar clamps for moto and plans to do a mtb stem also. These products isolate the rider from the bike and really help with numb hands etc.. Not weightweenie approved though.LOL

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    The handlebar is the last place I want (or need)moving parts.

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    Agreed, watched a video a couple days ago and can't see myself liking these at all, especially in slow tech or climbing where I find a rigid SS most enjoyable. I even recall a flexy carbon bar that bothered me a bit while climbing - was happy when I went back to yanking on a stiffer bar.

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    - if the riding is that rough, I just slow down........if I get too old to enjoy rigid, I'll add a suspension fork.......
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    I primarily ride rigid SS, and one of the primary reasons is the simplicity and minimal maintenance. These bars look like they could be a nice simple addition to help smooth things out, without adding much complexity or additional maintenance.

    I've used the Precision clamps and they made a noticeable difference. https://precision-rp.com/HONDA-MOTOR...MPS_p_199.html

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