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    Fixed gear completed.

    Frame is '88 Vicini Cessna scored off eBay.

    rear brake is totally not needed but i prefer to have a left hand lever that doesn't chatter. anybody got a single tandem dumy lever around?

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    Nothing wrong with rear brake

    If you don't want it though you can get one of these narps and run a short length of cable and housing put pull the cable tight and tighten the narp at the end wrap the whole thing under your tape no rattleing lever.

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    Keep the brake or glue the lever

    You may not need it, but unless you are vain and want your bike to look like a lot of other people think fixies should look, why remove it. I put one on mine initially because I was chicken, now it's still there because I'm too cheap to remove it and have to retape the bars. It may come in handy in a panic stop, but I'll probably remove it when I re-tape the bars someday. I have mustache bars, if I had drop bars I'd want to keep the lever so I could ride on the hoods. In that case, I'd probably turn the bike over and squirt a good glob of hot melt glue in to keep it from rattling around. Hot melt glue is great for stopping rattles
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    Fix for lever

    Check it out... no pics, try to imagine.

    Use an old horizontal dropout adjuster, the kind with a screwdriver head on one end and a tiny knurled nut on the other. You will need the spring and a tiny washer.

    Stick the adjuster screw through the brake lever from the front, right where the cable would normally run.

    Look inside the back of the lever. Drop the washer onto the adjuster that is sticking through. Thread the knurled nut on over the spring inside the back of the lever. You will need deft fingers and some patience to accomplish this, depending on how long your dropout adjuster screw is.

    Now you have a lever that stays put without rattling and actually has a snappy "faux" brake lever feel.


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