First time solo racing with no team racing... bad idea?-
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    First time solo racing with no team racing... bad idea?


    Posted this over in the endurance forum with little response so thought I'd came where the action is since I ride SS anyways.

    There are some 6-8hr endurance races in my area soon and you can ride them in teams of 2 ride or do them solo. I have never ridden one of these races before but I am pretty fit and can ride for a while when I pace myself. Should I just dive in and have a crack at riding solo first time around or is this a bad idea?

    Any experiences, thoughts and advice appreciated?

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    It's totally do-able if you are organized. I did my first 6 hour solo (couple months ago) without support. I had a great time. One thing I learned, if you take a major pit stop (food, change clothes, potty) it will take a little longer than you expect and "clock-out" during that one big stop. I took ALL kinds of food because I didn't know how my stomach would feel and everybody is different. Some of my friends found out that too much supplement drinks can have an adverse affect on your stomach. I kept strictly to water except I had half an Accelerade during my big break. Some other people ate turkey sandwiches and regretted it.

    Anyway, if you can have an ice chest in the transition area that would be ideal.

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    Only one way to find out...

    do it! SS isn't that big a jump for endurance racing, maybe even more in line with endurance racing than geared....less manic pace, less breakdowns, less maintanence, less tendency to pedal the easy gear.

    With regard to riding an event.....just keep moving. For a 6 to 12 hour races, try and only stop at your pit to refuel and don't sit down. Walk and eat, but just keep moving.

    If there's a long steep your food for that point and walk your bike and eat.

    Good luck.
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    i found solo 8's to be less stressed and more enjoyable then pairs...

    since there aren't cycling police to pull you out of the pits you shouldn't have any problems riding for 6-8hrs at any pace with any amount of rest you i say have at it.
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    I agree with nogearshere. I did my very first endurance race (8 hours) last year and used my rigid SS bike. It was a great experience. The atmosphere is more relaxed than normal races, people are friendly and they always have a few nice words to say to solo riders. I was self-supported, but a nice lady (who was supporting her son) even offered to hand me anything I want from my ice box. How nice is that?
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    No sweat

    Go for it, just don't do what I did in my first 100 mile race and assume you don't need calories because you're feeling great for the first 3 hours. You will bonk. Don't wait more than 30 minutes to start taking in the calories of your choice.

    There's good info on the Hammer Nutrition website even if you don't use their products (I use some of them, and steer away from others e.g. Perpetuem doesn't agree with my stomach).

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