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    First singlespeed purchase

    I am interested in picking up a singlespeed.

    Question: Should I go 26" or 29" wheels, and why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdrunk
    I am interested in picking up a singlespeed.

    Question: Should I go 26" or 29" wheels, and why?
    The big advantage of having a 29" wheel bike is that it conquers trail obstacles like fallen trees easier then a 26" wheel bike does, and of course the experts will tell you that a 29" wheeled bike will hold it's speed better once you get it up to speed. I thought I wanted one, but as my single speed riding skills evolve, on a fully rigid bike no less, the skills you may gain eliminate the need for me to buy a bike like a 29" wheeled bike.

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    Well the 26" SSer's will tell to get a 26" SS. The 29er SS people will tell you to get a 29er SS. I've got both and I definitely prefer my 29er SS on singletrack and my 26" SS on pavement. The 29er will roll over anything off-road easier and smoother due to the larger wheel diameter. But before I rode a 29er, I didn't know any better and happily hammered on a 26" bike. I think my 26" bike feels faster on pavement, partly due to smaller wheels accelerate faster and the bike being very light, probably 3 lbs lighter than my 29er. I was hoping I would like the 26" bike off-road so I could switch back and forth with no penalty. But it was not meant to be for me, I just like then29er off-road better.

    I would suggest that you test ride a 29er if you can and see if you like it. Don't just do one short ride, do several if you can so you can learn the advantages of the 29er. After a while you learn how to ride a 29er properly, it's not that you have to learn how to ride it, you just learn how to use it to it's full potential, i.e. go harder in places where you might not have gone hard on a 26" bike.
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