First Night Ride Tonight, and on the SingleSpeed-
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    Is my rear tire flat?
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    Idea! First Night Ride Tonight, and on the SingleSpeed

    This is the only picture I was able to take, and it was from gearing up at the parking lot. Was way too busy on the trail watching out for deadly slick roots under the fallen leaves. It's amazing things you take for granted during a day ride. Like fixing a flat as fast as you can to not burn up all of your light. Also really, and I mean really paying attention to low hanging branches and such to prevent damage to the very expensive piece of electronic equipment giving you your only light.
    The singlespeed sure made me work, but it was awesome not having to worry about shifting as others are grinding their gears up some hill that they can't even really see the pitch of. I was the only SS.
    I will be back out there again for sure. It really changes how you look at your local singletrack.
    Cheers and Beers for Lack o Gears.
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    Liberty Lake Wa.

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    Where's Toto?
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    Welcome to the spooky world of the night! Nothing like the adreneline rush of a unseen branch in the face. Yow!

    It always helps to carry a little pen light - that way if you break down or flat, you don't have to worry about your bike light. Besides, a pen light and some duct tape also makes for a good backup light if the primary fails.

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