First Impressions - Convert to SS-
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    First Impressions - Convert to SS

    Hi everybody,

    Just want to say thanks for all the wisdom I have gleaned from this forum. Here's my story:

    I ride in the winter a lot and wanted a bike that could take some abuse (road salt, heavy trail dirt, etc.). I felt that I was spending so much time cleaning my multi-gear suspension fork bike and was worried about what damage I was doing to it. Also, I found out that my shifters don't work well when it is 4 degrees outside. My cousin gave me a 1991 Trek 7000. It was ridden for a few years and then sat in a garage for 15 years. I wanted to restore it to use as my beater bike, but didn't feel like putting a lot of money into it. I happened to come across your forum - and am I glad I did. Having grown up on BMX and having been a former freestyler (how many SS's are former freestylers - I wonder), the thought of a SS was enticing. I ran it by a few shops and no one really seemed interested in the project. I found one shop where they were really excited about it. Cool, I thought, let's do it.

    We stripped the frame and fork of everything. We put on FSA V-Drive MegaExo Cranks, FSA K-Force handlebars, Bontrager Select Wheels, Panaracer XC Pro tires, Avid SD-7 Brakes, Bontrager Race Lux seat, Cane Creek Thudbuster ST seatpost. Gearing is 32-17. It is amazing how few things there are left on the bike (to break)

    I have taken this bike out on a lot of trails in the past two weeks and have never really wished for any other gears. One hill I had to walk up, but when I went back the next day with my geared bike, my back tire was just spinning out no matter what gear I was in.

    Between the (1) spin - coast method on the flats and (2) standing and hammering the hills, the bike handles everything I could ever want a bike to do. The suspension seatpost is not really necessary, it is merely an investment into the future happiness of my lower back.

    There is something to be said about riding along in a trail and seeing a muddy section ahead and not thinking, "I wonder how long it is going to take me to scrub this mud out of my front derailleur?" In other words, I would rather spend 1 1/2 hours riding my bike, than 1 hour riding it and 1/2 hour cleaning and lubing it. The bike only weighs 22 lbs.

    Thank you for your great forum and for all the wisdom that those veteran SS'ers have imparted to us newbies. For anyone out there who is considering breathing new life into a classic bike, it is definately worth it. Thanks Rich for the frame and fork. Thanks Scott for putting it all together.


    Here's a pic:

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Trek 7000 ss pic 2"></a>

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    I have those bars. A little harsh, but otherwise nice.

    I don't think the cleaning issue can be overstated. I frickin hated cleaning my old drivetrain.

    It's weird how removing gears makes all the difference, huh...Sheldon Brown was right, changing gears does sap some little bit of mental energy that distracts from the ride. That little bit of distraction can make or break a great ride when riding rigid, IMO.

    Have fun....

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    Nice green paint job!

    My yellow ten year old Trek 8000, (7 years as a SS), is still going strong. The light alu frame is really whippy and IMO a perfect candidate for SS conversions.

    You can loose the chainstay protector now.
    The wheel is a extension of the foot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polar Bear
    Having grown up on BMX and having been a former freestyler (how many SS's are former freestylers - I wonder)
    That would be me...

    Love the old school paint on that bad boy, nice work dude!

    The one speed thing didn't leave my brain after leaving BMX for XC.

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    Former BMXer here. New singlespeeder. Went and got a Monocog.I love it!
    BMX Rules!!!!

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    Yep, you're hooked. Yer've got a bigger one than I do, if you're complaining of what happens to geared gear when you ride it in 4 degree weather. I don't...ride when it's 4 degrees! You've got the same Singelator I've got, pushing up. Finds it works amazingly well, but the guy at the shop reassembled the bike with it pushing down. Guess I'll try it first, but I already know I'm gonna end up with it pushing up again. Welcome to our asylum

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