First every "real" SS ride today!-
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    Cool-blue Rhythm First every "real" SS ride today!

    I had my first chance to take my juan solo out today. I bought it over a year ago and this is the first off road it has seen. I took it on some easy single track. Not having the ability to change gears is almost freeing.

    I am still a novice rider and only have a SS because I got what I thought was a good deal on eBay. I am very much out of shape and the hour I spent riding today did quick work of my lungs. Going up hills can be very difficult even with my 32/20 combo. The Juan Solo seems to have an aggressive geometry (at least it feels "quicker" yet more unstable then anything I have ever ridden) and I had some issues keeping my front tire on the ground while going up, but these things are nothing that some practice won't take care of!

    But I will be back on the trail tomorrow!
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    Good job. It takes abit to adjust your position so that the front wheel stays on the ground, and the back tire keeps traction on steep climbs, but you'll get it soon. Standing climbs will burn yer legs out quick at first, but the endurance gets better quickly. After taking a few weeks off the SS, I always have trouble on standing climbs after a few minutes.
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