Finally, the grin-
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    Finally, the grin

    I kept hearing guys talk about the 'ear-to-ear grin' that comes from riding a SS. I must confess, I was beginning to doubt. I mean, I really like my 26" FS geared HiFi, and this SS thing was just an off-season experiment anyway.

    The first few rides on my new-to-me GF Rig were hard, even on our gently rolling, non-technical singletrack. I found myself wishing for a smaller gear going up hill and a bigger gear for downhills and flats. Everytime I stood up I'd go 100% and blow up. I kept reaching for the trigger shifter. I kept wondering if I should switch out the rear cog from a 19t to a 20t. I was worried about momentum.

    Then yesterday, on a relatively short, easy ride, even with some snow on the trails it happened. I realized I had a stupid, child-like grin on my face. I was just riding my bike! I didn't know how fast (or slow) I was going - no computer on this bike. I was standing without thinking about it (and without HAMMERING).

    I'm hooked. I'm all in.

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    Sometimes it take a bit to click. But I'd hold onto your FS rig. Never thought I'd say this, but I wish I hadn't sold my FSR (26"). Although it wouldn't get that much action, it would be nice to have once in a while to switch things up.

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    Agreed with p nut - sometimes for some people it takes a few tries. It can be hard to break geared habits, or at least the associated thoughts and feelings related to geared riding.

    Once you "get it" you get it. THEN you really start to enjoy SS for different reasons that you either forgot or didn't know about.

    Heck, i'm selling my hydraulic brakes, despite the weight gain of mechanicals, for sake of not having to worry about dealing with oil on my SS ... *shrug* single is simple.

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I ..... need ..... DIRT!!!!!

    ... and cookies. :D

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    Congrats, it's good to hear how much fun you and others are having on their SS. I'm currently converting a BRC Gonzo ridged steel to SS and am stoked to get out there for the fun factor. Way to go!

    Ease & Flow Where Ever I Go

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    Good for you. I knew it would only be a short amount of time.

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    Awesome! I had the same sort of feeling on Friday except it came when I was pushing my bike up a hill. Basically, the trails were pasty in places, I came around a fairly sharp turn and had to scrub alot of speed due to mud in the turn. I then was faced with a short 25' climb that had some pasty areas in it. As a result of not having enough speed, I simply kept spinning out. So, I said screw it and walked it. At that point in time, I remembered pushing my old GT Pro Series up the hill to the starting gate at out local track back when I was like 13 down in Hampton VA at the start of a practice lap. I just started grinning when I looked down and realized I was still pushing a GT! Hmmm, maybe I need a different bike now that I think about it. It was a great memory though.

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