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    A few thoughts on SS / Oval and my new ride

    Well, finally took possession of my custom Ti Oddity (named Hellbent). I gloated in the + thread, but I think this belongs here...
    Porn first;
    A few thoughts on SS / Oval and my new ride-2017-03-22-13.32.25.jpg

    So, I took "Hellbent" for a 13 mile, 1900 ft climb / ride around Evergreen, and I absolutely love the bike. A few thoughts;

    1) The AB oval is real. The power band is definitely better than round.

    2) Said power band increase makes it much harder to plow up steeps. I do not possess the power to start on a steep incline.

    3) I definitely need to be more disciplined on increasing momentum where possible.

    4) I think the Manitou Magnum fork requires some sort of PHD to figure out the different settings

    5) I am putting a 22 on the back for a 42 inch gear (running 46 now).

    6) Hope brakes work good, last long with no whine to speak of.

    7) Silent - instant engage Onyx hubs are the $H!T

    8) With 29+, who cares about a line

    9) There is a small dot on the Manitou fork that is the EXACT place you need to line up with the axle line to make the hex axle lock properly. Took me an hour to figure that one out.
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    Congrats! That's pretty sweet!

    After a ride or two you'll forget the oval is there.
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    Definitely a great looking bike. The oval actually helps you get up the steep stuff, you'll get used to it. Read the Manitou setup guide for that fork, should get you in the ballpark.

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    Cool frame, nice build. Looks like a fun bike.

    And the oval ring might surprise you on the steep climbs. I've been testing an oval on my geared bike and I've shocked at times how I'm able to keep grinding up hills at low cadence.

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    The oval definitely rides well on climbs. I switched the 20 for a 22 in the back, making a 42" gear. I believe that's the sweet spot.

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    Stunning bike! I mean, like, wow! Congrats & have fun.

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