I built up my Fisher Aquila hardtail into a singlespeed last year and had a lot of fun diddling around on shorter loops here in the Grand Valley: PK, Holy Cross, Rustlers, Horsetheif. Yesterday one of my buddies called up wanting to do a pedal ride. I knew the 40 lb Uzzi just would not be fun, so I chose the singlespeed. We wound up doing a pretty good sized loop, stringing together Mary's, Horsetheif, Mary's to the west end of Mack Ridge, up and over Mack Ridge to Moore Fun and back to the truck and cold beers. 20+ miles of flow, rock, tech, gnar, and some serious pedal mashing. The other two guys were on a RFX and a Blur LT2 and I managed to keep up pretty well. I had way more fun on the ss than I would have on the Uzzi and had a huge grin on my face by the end of the ride. Hopefully this is the start of more singlespeed epics this season!