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    Favorite Freewheel

    What is your favorite freewheel and why? The reason I ask this question is because I have recently aquired a singlespeed bike and it came with a Dicta 16T freewheel. I know I will eventually want to upgrade it. Thanks.
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    White Industries. Solid, fast engagement feels like a quality freewheel hub. It's also extremely durable, and can be fully rebuilt.

    There's really not much competition for the WI freewheels, save for a few BMX freewheels.

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    I have a White Industries hub, and I am sold. They have great engagement, and they last forever!!!!

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    Yep, I doubt you're gonna get any answers other than white industries.

    If you can't swing the 90 bucks do yourself a favor and get an ACS instead of shimano or dicta freewheel. They are a lot more durable and have I think 30 pt engagement instead of 18. I think they're cheaper too but not positive.

    Or if you can deal with an 18T or smaller these GT freewheels are pretty tempting, no idea how well they hold up though: GT Ratchet Freewheel at Danscomp
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