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    F#@%ing EBB!

    So I bought a stainless 36t chainring for Rig to match my sexy new CK SS cog. So I need to slacken the chain up. I have loosened up the bolt, which is on the drive side in order to prevent the thing from creeking (it was GF's decision not mine, but it was also their new bottom bracket), but the thing won't budge. I have the bolt to the point where it cannot be loosened anymore (or that is what I think), since it just seems to turn with no results. When I look into the non drive side I can see the bolt has tons of play. Any way to get this thing to be loose would be greatly appreciated.

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    Interesting, I have adjusted the EBBs of a few Rig frames (my wife rides one) and they all adjusted from the non-drive side. I suppose if you have an outboard bearing crank you could have the EBB in the frame backwards. Sometime you have to loosen it until it gets tight again and starts pushing the wedge back out. I had a tandem once with a wedge EBB that I had to tap the end of the BB spindle with a bock of wood to free the whole thing up once its bolt was loosened.

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    sounds like what happened to me

    If I read your post correctly, when you look at the bolt from the non-drive side, the bolt has play but the wedge isn't moving.

    If you remove the wedge bolt, by removing the ring around the head of the wedge bolt, are there threads left on the b olt?

    The wedge has a fairly fragile steel thread insert and chances are you have stripped it.

    In my case I took it to a friend's motorcycle shop and installed a thread insert called a Time-Sert (www.timesert.com). Once installed it was better than new.

    If you get it repaired don't exceed 12Nm of torque when you tighten the bolt.
    Authorities speculate that speed may have been a factor. They are also holding gravity and inertia for questioning.

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    EBB fix

    The eccentric on your rig is too simple to not work well. First, the bolt that piches the wedges together is held in place at the head by an internal c-clip in the drive side wedge. As you loosen the bolt, it will begin to feel loose. At that point it is natural to assume the wedges are loose, but they have to be pulled apart. To do this, continue to turn the wedge bolt counterclockwise. With the bolt head captured by the c-clip, by turning the bolt, you are pushing the non-drive side wedge to the left, freeing the eccentric. If that doesn't work, then hit it with the proverbial hammer.

    After you get it apart, clean it all up to remmove any dirt and crap that may get squeaky or make it stick when you reassemble it later. The eccentric isn't college educated so it won't remember if it goes back in one way or another, so my suggestions would be to install it with the wedge bolt to the non-drive side. That way you can get to it with out dealing with the crank/chainring. Don't forget to use some Permatex silver antiseize on all parts during asembly. It will keep it from creaking and make it much easier to pull apart.

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