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    I know its all about freedom n’ ****…but yesterday I saw evil as freedom. A red Ford F150 with huge tires and a big lift passed me perhaps a mile after leaving the office…the plate read “F UHRER” and it had one of those big black crosses on the back window. Ugh! Sure, I can tolerate it…thing is that I ride thought the Mexican neighborhood on Milwaukee’s south side. And that’s where the truck passed me. I don’t think the other drivers knew what it all meant, but me, I singled it out. I don’t think it was an act of arrogance for them to drive down Greenfield, because I saw the truck turn left a block after it passed me. Ugh! Just weird. I wonder if the person who took the license plate request is just dumb, doesn’t know anything about history, or is also involved in a hate group under the table.

    When one bikes (and on my SS to boot) to work, one witnesses many weird things.

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    I know things like that make me angry as well, but if it is any consolation, I am betting that person does not have alot of happiness in his life. He probably does not have much else besides that pickup and alot of anger and cannot figure why he cannot get ahead in life.
    "Son, The world needs ditchdiggers, too"-Ted Knight, Caddyshack

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    You can get the plate recalled

    I think the trully "dangerous" people are a little more covert than that.
    He's probably just a mullet head loser idiot but you never know.
    I've been inside too long.

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